How to Commission Custom Work

The creation of an original piece of metalwork is an intimate and interactive process. It is equally important for me to understand what you are looking for and for you to understand the process of developing a piece of custom ironwork.

There are five key considerations to be aware of when commissioning custom work:

Initial Contact and Consultation

The first step is for us to get to know each other. Viewing this website or visiting the forge are great ways for you to get to know me, my styles and see examples of my work. For me, I like to visit a clientís home to see where the work will be located and to get an idea of your personal tastes. We can also do this from a distance via phone, fax, and e-mail. The point here is for us to develop the rapport needed for me to design a piece of metalwork that fits your personality and the way you live.


There is bit of mystery involved in the creative process and it does not always lend itself to hard schedules. There are times when the ideas come quickly, even while speaking to a client, while other times ideas are hard to capture on paper or on a defined scheduled. When this occurs, I will spend time in the forge working out design ideas in iron. This not only helps me to explore the possibilities, but also gives you a better feel for the qualities of the finished work.

I request a non-refundable design fee of 10 percent of the estimated cost before moving into the design stage.


If you have clearly defined parameters, please let me know. The materials used, the style and finish, the type of joinery used will all affect the cost. Any changes made as we develop a design for a piece may also affect the cost ó not always upward. Simpler is sometimes better. I will be able to give you an idea of costs early on but this cannot be finalized until the design is complete.

Review and Approval

Upon completion of a design, you will review it for any necessary adjustments. If you donít see a part of the project you had in mind, please let me know. Remember, it is easier to re-draw and re-quote a project than it is to rebuild it.

Upon approval of the final design, I require a 25 percent down-payment and we will proceed to finish the commission as per our established schedule.


Final payments are due on the day the piece is to be delivered or installed. If the piece is being shipped, the project must be paid in full before shipping. I prefer to ship freight collect on common carrier shipments because the carrier isnít paid until the shipment has arrived safely. Please inspect the work completely before you pay the carrier.


Installation is an additional cost and must be agreed to at the onset of the project. Knowing who will install the piece and where it is to be installed is critical to ensuring that the method of safely securing the piece in its intended location is known and agreed to by all parties. In new construction, it is important for the builder to understand if he needs to add blocking in walls for the attachment of ironwork. I do not install light fixtures. All light fixtures should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Visits to the Forge

We welcome our clients at Glory Forge & Ironworks. Forging is an exciting process. Seeing hot metal come to life can give more appreciation for the piece of work you are anticipating. Please contact us for an appointment.

If you canít visit us locally, we can provide you Client Access to this website that will allow you to observe the progress of the design and creation of your custom work.

Contact us

Please call or fill out our Information Request Form if you have additional questions or would like to begin the commissioning process.

Thank you for your interest in our work !